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Trent McEwan

Woven Measure
Sr. Technology Executive and Leader
Mr. McEwan, a founding Partner of Woven Measure, is a senior IT veteran with 17 plus years of experience. He has managed multiple local and offshore development groups covering a broad range of efforts and technologies. His experience includes, director of development at one of the largest transaction processors in the world, Application Manager for a large manufacturer, technical lead for business intelligence solutions, start ups, and consulting for the fortune 500. In his roles he’s done extensive forecasting for both the technical and financial aspects of projects, and he’s a professional PMP. Mr. McEwan has led several large development efforts including architecting and development management. Projects have ranged from .Net and Java integrations with ERP, CRM and Data Repositories. He has served as architect and lead for several business intelligence and analytic projects including data warehousing and custom dashboard solutions. He has led projects involving Data Center relocation, disaster recovery, and business continuity efforts. Having evaluated storage and capacity needs for several clients, he has been responsible for the recommendation and instantiation of several clients infrastructure needs. As CEO of Woven Measure, Mr. McEwan has served as an active, hands on leader, for all of Woven Measure’s execution and delivery.