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Peter Hughes

Rosenfeld Media
Usability Research Expert, Moderator & Coach
Peter helps his customers create successful web and mobile products and avoid wasting resources on product features and concepts that customers don't value. He assists companies implement effective in-house usability testing programs via 1-on-1 and team coaching, and workshops that work with all kinds of software development methodologies (including Agile and Lean Startup).

Peter’s authored several usability testing eBooks: How To Moderate Like A Pro; A Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Tasks & Scenarios; How To Build A Usability Lab For Less Than $100; Inside My Usability Testing Toolbox - What You Need

Over the last 19 years, Peter’s client’s have ranged from startups to corporations, e.g. Citigroup, MetLife, JP Morgan Chase, Bloomberg, Hearst Media, Boeing, Honeywell, Nintendo, Conde Nast Magazines, Scholastic and many others.

Peter loves blues music and traveling to remote, distant lands. He can be reached at hello@ascest.com or @peterehughes