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James Martin

My involvement in the professional animation services, with both 2D and 3D began in 1999 while participating in the original CrazyTalk by Reallusion focus groups. At the time, I was attending college for 3D animation, and I became fascinated with the new products emerging in the industry. I decided to focus mainly on learning these new innovative tools, while pursuing a career in print media to keep me engaged in new production methods and motion graphic design. This lead me to my first Art Director position and introduced me to the challenges of managing other creative individuals such as myself. During this time, Reallusion developed the 3D tool known as iClone and this, in my opinion, changed the world of 3D real-time animation production and I was immediately convinced this was a tool to master. I quickly began development on training materials and personal projects to become as familiar as possible with this powerful new software. Soon afterward, I became the 1st certified trainer in the United States to begin teaching iClone Studio in 2005.  I would come to use these and other solutions as well, to provide CEB, Corporate Executive Board, my services as Lead Animator and plan to continue growing knowledge base of these tools to determine the best way to develop new projects and to empower new artists. Currently, I am representing Reallusion, and a new motion capture OEM called Noitom, makers of Perception Neuron Motion Capture Suit and Axis Neuron Motion Capture software. As the first person in the United States to provided dedicated certified training for the full Perception Neuron pipeline which includes partnerships with AutoDesk, Reallusion, Unity, Unreal, Oculus, Motion Builder, and others. These new relationships are offering many new and exciting options for training and innovation moving forward as a Perception Neuron specialist on a consultant basis. Also, recently unveiled another new company as the Owner / Operator of MobaCap motion capture ON DEMAND.