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Wednesday, October 7


The Intersection of Local, Mobile, and Social
As mobile grows in popularity, more marketers are incorporating it into their marketing strategy. But are they truly integrating mobile and where it converges with both social media and localized marketing. This presentation would discuss the pros, cons, and pitfalls of working in the space, citing examples both from work with Vert clients and what we've seen in the industry at large.

avatar for Lauren Zarzour

Lauren Zarzour

Account Strategy Supervisor, Vert
Lauren Zarzour is the account strategy supervisor at Vert, a boutique digital agency helping Fortune 1000 brands drive real results through mobile-first strategy and execution. Her primary focus is developing digital strategy for brick-and-mortar retail and B2B clients. Her team's... Read More →


Covering the Mobile Bases -- How to make sure your site is 'Mobile Friendly'
Yes, this topic has been beaten to death. But here we are, years into the mobile web, and so many sites still have web presences that are just not very useful to the mobile user. This session will cover the following points:

- What is "Mobile Friendly", and why does it matter?
- What web frameworks offer, to help you jump to a mobile-friendly site without spending tons of money
- Immediate benefits you get, from moving to a mobile-friendly site
- What you need to do with your existing site & content, to be ready for that jump
- What to watch out for, to avoid breaking your site during the migration
- What else you need to think about, to avoid creating even bigger hassles for yourself down the road

avatar for Ron Surfield

Ron Surfield

CTO, SocioForge LLC
Ron Surfield has more than 20 years of experience leading teams to solve clients’ business problems through the application of technology. Ron most recently led the Digital Production & Operations practice for Ketchum, where his team provided strategic counsel, creative ideation... Read More →


Anticipating customer behavior: how game theory can unlock brand engagement
As the retail landscape embraces the future of mobile, we no longer need to predict who our customer might be. A connected experience will tell us. Leveraging Applied Game Theory allows us to take this in-store analysis a step further, designing for a world where predicting the motivations, behaviors and reactions of our consumer becomes a reality for your brand. Join us to learn how to apply the triggers of game monetization and engagement to your next marketing challenge. 

avatar for Kaitlyn White

Kaitlyn White

VP of Strategy, Dragon Army
Kaitlyn brings more than seven years of thought leadership within the interactive and digital arenas to SuperNova South. As VP of Strategy at Dragon Army, she marries insight and interaction from game theory into mobile activations on behalf of major brands including Red Bull, The... Read More →


Wearables and the Worker
A panel discussion about the opportunities for wearables to transform the experience and productivity of workers in various industries (supply chain, warehousing, logistics, retail, etc.)

avatar for Richard Makerson

Richard Makerson

Chief Innovation Officer, Partner, BlueFletch
Richard Makerson is a founding partner and Chief Innovation Officer of BlueFletch, a 25-person boutique consulting firm focused on mobile solutions. Richard has a background architecting mobile solutions and hands-on experience with the major mobile platforms. He has built and led... Read More →

avatar for Steve Bachman

Steve Bachman

CEO Partner, Hi Tech Partners
Steve is a 35+ year software, hardware, and mobility executive and entrepreneur with a majority of his career spent in wearables, health IT, information security, and enterprise software. Steve experience spans sales, channel, marketing, operations, product development, and executive... Read More →
avatar for Bruce Rasa

Bruce Rasa

CEO, AgVoice
“I want to bring the power of technology to the farms and ranches to solve simple problems, enabling ag professionals to produce healthy food for the needs of a growing global population.” Bruce was raised in western Missouri, where his family actively farms over 3,500 acres... Read More →
avatar for Josh Waddell

Josh Waddell

Global Vice President, Mobile Innovation Center, SAP
Josh Waddell is Global Vice President for SAP’s Mobile Innovation Center.  In this  role, he works with SAP customers, partners, and prospects to test and prove out new mobile innovations in the market, and then implement these in standard SAP mobile solutions. Josh and his team... Read More →


Crystal Balling: Atlanta Mobile Leader's Forecasts
How will mobile impact your life on a daily basis in 5 years? What about 10? Will we all live the "Minority Report" future or will we drown in a thousand different smart phones and tablets? Will our wallets disappear as credit cards go digital or will plastic prove to be a savvy survivor? And will Atlanta stake a claim as a leader in the mobile space, given the strong foundation built by Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, Turner, and a thriving start-up scene?

avatar for Dana Barrett

Dana Barrett

TV & Radio Host, Atlanta Tech Edge/The Dana Barrett Show
Dana Barrett is a TV & radio personality and business commentator known for her smart and engaging interview style and her personal approach to broadcasting.  She is currently the host of The Dana Barrett Show, which airs weekdays at 9AM on biz 1190 AM WAFS and Atlanta Tech Edge... Read More →

avatar for Edie Kirkman

Edie Kirkman

Director of Mobile Solutions, InterContinental Hotels Group PLC
Edie Kirkman is the Director of Mobile Solutions at InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG). She leads the mobile product management team to create contextual and compelling guest experiences. Edie has over 15 years of digital experience in software development, marketing, and product... Read More →
avatar for Alia Lamborghini

Alia Lamborghini

Senior Vice President of Sales, North America, Millennial Media
Alia Lamborghini is Senior Vice President of Sales, North America for Millennial Media, and brings over a decade of sales leadership in the ad tech industry. Alia joined Millennial Media in 2010 after spending eight years as a sales executive with Advertising.com and AOL. Alia... Read More →
avatar for Aimee Schier

Aimee Schier

Executive Creative Director, CNN Digital
Aimee Herr Schier is an Emmy Award-winning Executive Creative Director and Designer, with experience and expertise in leading large creative teams in digital and broadcast design environments for several media companies including ABC Disney, FOX and Turner Broadcasting. Ms. Schier... Read More →


If You Build it They Won't Come: Distribution & Partnerships for Mobile Tech
There are millions of apps available. How will anyone find yours? O

Many entrepreneurs are rightly obsessed with product. But product alone isn't enough, and often mobile tech companies neglect to consider how to maximize distribution until its too late.

For mobile tech companies to scale their audience and monetize, it is key to think about how you can achieve distribution and scale your audience without relying on promotion from the Appstores or praying that your app will be amongst the lucky few to go viral.

Based on lessons hard-won from four years of growing TripLingo, this session will cover how to think about strategic partnerships, evolving your product to make your product attractive to partners, and how to approach, negotiate and maximize the potential of partner and distributor relationships in an evolving mobile landscape.

avatar for Jesse Maddox

Jesse Maddox

CEO, triplingo.com
Jesse Maddox is the CEO & Founder of TripLingo, which helps international travelers deal with language and culture barriers. TripLingo works directly with enterprises whose employees travel internationally and has partnered with over 30 leading travel brands to scale operations and... Read More →

Thursday, October 8


Mobile, The New Frontier of SEO - Optimizing Mobile Websites & Usability
Google changed the game this spring. They announced an algorithm update before it went live. App indexing, mobile usability, and site speed are all critical for mobile SEO and an optimized digital presence. Yet, in a world where mobile devices outnumber computers 3-to-1, many businesses still treat mobile as a separate experience and runner-up to their "main" site.

This session will focus on case studies and real-world examples how search engines interpret and rank mobile websites. We will explore the variety of options for creating mobile website experiences, weigh the pros and cons of each, and address areas that businesses can optimize their sites to increase traffic and revenue from mobile devices.

Participants will have the opportunity to submit their site for live review and will be engaged in discussion about mobile SEO strategy and technical implementation options.

avatar for Jordan Silton

Jordan Silton

Director of SEO & Analytics, Relevance Advisors
Jordan Silton is the Director of SEO & Analytics at Relevance Advisors, a boutique digital agency based in Atlanta, GA and specializing in search marketing. Jordan is an accomplished digital marketing professional who has crafted and executed search engine optimization and digital... Read More →


Making Payments More Secure
The number of consumers that have had their personal information hacked continues to grow. Retailers, banks and consumers are all being impacted by this growing trend. Can anything new be done to help dove this problem? Find out by attending "Making Payments More Secure".

avatar for Chip Fishburne

Chip Fishburne

CEO, KingFish Services LLC
Mr. Fishburne has over 30 years of experience in the technology, payment, mobile banking, mobile payment and mobile commerce industries. He most recently has been acting in an advisory capacity for start-ups providing new digital relationship platforms. These innovative platforms... Read More →


Best Practices for Running Mobile Programmatic Campaigns
Programmatic advertising is sweeping the digital landscape. While it’s long been a staple in online, mobile programmatic bidding is taking off like a rocket – and without third-party cookies to boot. According to IDC, mobile RTB spend in the U.S. is forecasted to reach more than $2.9B by 2017. With a healthier budget, how can advertisers ensure they’re taking the right approach? In this session, we’ll present five best practices for running successful mobile programmatic campaigns. Among the best practices are optimize the targeting parameters, establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and seek transparency.

avatar for Kelly Hogue

Kelly Hogue

Regional VP, South & Central, Millennial Media
Kelly Hogue leads Millennial Media’s South and Central regions, where he is responsible for mobile partnership development with clients such as Home Depot, Walmart, Southwest Airlines and Nissan. Kelly joined Millennial Media in January 2010 after spending seven years as a sales... Read More →


Mobility & The Evolution of Smart
Everyone is looking for the next big thing, but what if the next big thing is just putting all of our little things together? In this session, we’ll take a look at how far we’ve come with our connected life (home, work, play, and health). We’ll also take a look at what is on the horizon and what some companies are focusing on for the future to help power our mobile and connected lives.

avatar for Sam Noyd

Sam Noyd

Sr. Manager, Jabian Consulting
Sam is a Senior Manager at Jabian with a passion for everything mobile. He has broad industry experience across the communications, financial services, health care, and manufacturing industries. His areas of expertise include mobile strategy, solution architecture, business process... Read More →


The Future is Here: Virtual Reality and Its Applications
It's no secret that virtual reality is on the cusp of a consumer boom. Get ready for a revolutionary technology platform that has the capability to change the way we learn, interact and experience life. The possibilities are limitless and the opportunities are out there. Join Annie Eaton, CEO, ATLvr, to learn about the history and why virtual reality actually works this time around. Find out where this technology is headed, what applications are underway, and what it will take to progress and evolve into an everyday use platform.

avatar for Annie Eaton

Annie Eaton

CEO/Cofounder, ATLvr
Prior to the start of ATLvr, Annie spent time working in marketing in the power and financial industries. She graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010 where she earned a BS in International Affairs and Modern Languages. She had grown up in a family of engineers and... Read More →

avatar for Andrew Boudreau

Andrew Boudreau

Account Executive, CDW
Andrew Boudreau grew up as a corporate vagabond, moving around the country every few years for his father’s pharmaceuticals job.  His passion for technology started at a young age when he begged his parents for an Apple IIe, which eventually led him down the path of technology... Read More →
avatar for Gabrielle Scandrett

Gabrielle Scandrett

Events Director, ATLvr
Gabrielle has worked in custom events for over 20 years ranging from weddings to rodeos, and more recently virtual reality events.  She earned her Public Relations degree from Georgia College and State University. Gabrielle also is experienced in costume design, photography and craft... Read More →
avatar for Peter Stolmeier

Peter Stolmeier

Peter has been a virtual reality enthusiast for nearly three decades.  Before his work at ATLvr, he held various positions in video production, animation, graphic design, and interactive game direction.  He graduated from Full Sail University in 2009 with a BS in Digital Arts and... Read More →


How to Use Mobile Hyper-Targeting and Tracking to Sell More Stuff
Join internationally-recognized author, thought-leader, and CEO Jamie Turner as he takes you on a whirlwind tour of advanced mobile targeting and tracking technologies that will revolutionize the way businesses connect with customers and the way customers engage with brands. Mr. Turner is an in-demand global speaker and a regular guest on CNN on the topics of mobile, technology, and branding. Don't miss this thought-provoking, information-packed session.

avatar for Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner

CEO, 60 Second Communications
Jamie Turner is an internationally-recognized author and business thought leader who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, CNN and other global brands tackle complex marketing problems. He is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on the topics of social media, mobile marketing and branding... Read More →