Jason Prance

Bottlecap Development
Atlanta, Georgia
Interactive Marketing Director, Technology Geek, and Dad. Drop in anytime for some random acts of intelligence revolving around Marketing, Technology, Music, and a dash of shameless self-promotion.

I live ITP (Inside the Perimeter) of Alanta with my lovely wife and High School sweetheart, Crystal. Oh, did I mention we have a little bambino on the way? We are very much looking forward our family to being in August 2009!

While attending college, I started my own business doing website design and IT consulting for small businesses and then started working full-time at a small company as a summer job. Where most dot com's failed during this time period, we grew the company at a rapid rate and sold to a publicly held company which introduced me to the true Corporate America. After running away screaming, my business mentor and I started a new company using the same business model and applying it to various markets and have been steadily growing ever since.

I will never grow out of video games (because gaming is here to stay) and one of my favorite things for recreation is having our weekly poker game night with my very best friends who have become like family to us. We look at it this way... Going out and hanging at a bar will cost just as much as losing for the night playing some Texas Hold'em, so why not just stay in and have fun while potentially profiting too! LOL.

I truly believe that it's not what you know, but who you know and more importantly, how good you are at responding to change and how important it is to recognize an opportunity when it's sitting right in front of you. Through this network, I hope to meet you and who knows, maybe even increase the chances of an opportunity sitting right in front of me!