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Patrick Jones

Career Journey GPS
Founder & CEO
Atlanta, GA
By way of brief introduction, for the last year or so I’ve been working on an “Education-to-Employment” venture targeted at high school and college students called VOCATIO (www.vocatio.com). It uses a proven and proprietary “eHarmony” like technology to match unique talent attributes of students with the desired attributes for high performance in specific job roles, industries and with employers.

VOCATIO thereby provides an extremely high level of personalization for student career discovery, exploration and preparation. It also blends a media and content component that will end up feeling like “MTV meets CNBC” and engage students in job readiness with content, game based learning, social media and events.

VOCATIO provides employers with a platform based on predictive analytics for sourcing a more inclusive, diverse and high performing talent pool on a job role by job role basis. It impacts that costly expense of “mis-hires” and it further provides a platform to better advantage the talent sourcing goals of social recruiting, employer branding and talent pipeline management.